Vintage Engagement Photo Shoots

So my own engagement photo session is coming up in a couple of months and of course I am leaning towards a vintage style shoot. Here are some of my favorite styles: 
Vintage props in a open field:
I so hope to find a “lovebird” chair like this soon. It is so sweet. 
 Travel Themed:
Picnic Themed:
Don’t these pictures make you want to have a picnic, like, right now?? 
Bistro Style:
So of course, when I can’t make up my mind I go for it all. I am going to try and combine elements from all of these. Here is what I plan to use:
 1. The quilt that my super awesome mom made to match my wedding colors
 2. A white sheet to go over the quilt to make the tent
3. Antique kerosene lantern 
4. A picnic basket 
5. My awesome Polaroid that my fiancĂ© gave me
6. Bistro table with a vintage table cloth
7. Kitchen scale with blue mason jar and flowers
8. Small Milk Glass Cake stand with a cute cake
9. Vintage Hankies for Napkins tied with lace
10. Antique plates 
12. Vintage style cokes (yum)
13. Some banners to go behind the bistro table 
14. Either empty wood frame hanging with fabric behind bistro table or vintage windows
15. Vintage book
16. Hopefully, some cute vintage chairs that I have yet to find
I can’t wait to style this and share the results!