Vintage Engagement Photo Shoot 2

So I forgot to mention in my last post about engagement photo shoots that we are having two engagement photo shoots. The other one is with a awesome photographer who is trying to build up his portfolio. We are so excited to work with him.  It will be at the University of Denver (where my love and I met). The plan for this one is part playful and part vintage, college sweetheart photo shoot. 
More specifically:



Get one or two pictures in the classroom where we met. Preferable like this:
Possibly one in the library, like this:
A few outside using this old-school desk using a vintage book or two:
Some pictures with super awesome extra large balloons:
 Some with our dogs, but have them wear some colorful vintage bow-ties instead of collars:
I want to do these because I am super jealous of all the couples that get to have their dogs at their weddings. Ours are totally misbehaved a bit excited sometimes, so we can’t 🙁

And some using these awesome stamped spoons:


And whatever else our photographer comes up with. Can’t wait to share the results!
Oh and all the props we are using are also available for rent. Well, except the dogs of course 🙂