Tea Time

So Alice in Wonderland was re-released by Disney last year. If you don’t remember the story is about a girl names Alice who falls down a rabbit hole into a fantasy world. Sometime I feel like Alice, except my fantasy world is wedding world.  But why I am bringing up this story? Well Alice has given wedding world loads of inspiration and a new obsession with tea time! Thats right- tea time! 
I mean just look at these:
This one is my favorite picture of all time:
I think decor like this is great for wedding, but even better for bridal showers. 
This is what A Vintage Affair Rentals has so far to pull off this look:
Teapots of course! Great for vases. 
Vintage Tablecloths (still collecting more)
They look great as overlay on cocktail tables or even big ones, like this:
This totally reminds me of all the clocks in Alice in Wonderland. 
Vintage ladies hankies (so far we have 16) which look great as a banner like this:
I just want to say one thing: Thanks Alice!