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Romantic & Soft Wedding Inspiration

We are delighted that today a recent shoot of ours is being featured on

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 4.29.12 PM  See the feature HERE!

When planning this shoot, we knew that we wanted it be romantic, but still have a soft, natural feel. We chose a beautiful open space park and complemented the location with a number of scenes designed to evoke casual, elegant romance. With our location in mind, we selected green, lavender, blush pink and touches of gold to complement the other elements of the shoot. The whiskey-barrel cake table was set with simple buttercream cakes subtly decorated with fresh flowers and fruit. For favors, were small bread loafs were tied with a delicate lace ribbon and presented on a bed of lavender buds offering a variety of texture, taste, and smell.

Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_253 Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_33 Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_37 Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_38 Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_39i Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_39j Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_44 Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_46 Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_47 Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_51

 For the table scene, we loved the look of mismatched vintage china flanked by vintage silver flatware. The flowers were soft, romantic and beautiful without being overbearing. For those looking to toast the bride and groom, we built a champagne toasting station complete with beautiful bottles, a vintage bar cart and a sprig of lavender in each flute. Throughout the shoot, there are vintage love letters and small touches designed to serve as subtle reminders that love is timeless. Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_60 Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_62 Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_63 Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_65 Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_72 Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_74 Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_75 Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_77

 For the hair, there were a few different looks:  We started off with a modern Gatsby retro wave which is very on trend for this wedding season.  Next is something that is here to stay, the fairy tale, braided headband.  This look is romantic, innocent & soft.  Finally, we finished with an unconventional wedding upstyle for the fashion forward bride.  Either embellished with fresh flowers or a decorative heirloom comb, this look is a showstopper.


Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_79 Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_80 Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_82 Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_87 Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_87a Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_88 Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_91 Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_96 Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_105 Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_113 Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_115 Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_122 Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_128 Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_136 Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_138 Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_139 Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_139d Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_140 Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_147 Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_153 Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_155


For the invitations, we couldn’t decide on just one so we did a few.

The rustic love note inspired wedding invitations are inspired by vintage love letters (which compliments the love letters in the shoot). This invitation blends cursive and typewriter fonts for a bold typographical approach on a rustic-textured paper. The main invitation, with an elongated tea-length design, melts your heart with a beautiful quote about love and relationships on the backside. The response postcard has space on the front for a love note, giving the bride and groom a wonderful keepsake to cherish long after the wedding is over. The elegantly layered blush is layered on Kraft paper, this wedding invitation is romantic and feminine. Lastly, the  natural hand drawn kraft wedding invitation is simple and vintage-inspired wedding invitation is purely typographical with a strong hand drawn approach on Kraft paper.

Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_160 Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_162 Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_166 Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_177 Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_179 Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_181 Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_182 Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_183 Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_185 Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_186 Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_187 Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_189 Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_191 Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_205 Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_206 Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_215 Romantic_Lavender_and_Lace_Inspired_Shoot_222


Vintage Rentals & Styling: A Vintage Affair Events & Rentals

Photography: Connie Dai Photography

Make up: Kelsey Zabawa Makeup Artistry

Hair: Heather Chapman Hair

Invitations: Crazy for Chic

Model: Ryli Stender

Dress: Tara Keeley via Blue Bridal Boutique

Personalized Ribbon & Feather: The Lonely Heart

Vintage Stamps: Verde Studio

Vintage Love Letters: Oh Pardon My French & Flea Market Floozie

Dried Lavender: Starlight Room