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Vintage Engagement Photo Shoot

I love styling engagement shoots. I love taking some of the couple’s interests and bringing it to life. Also, props are also great not just because can make the shoot prettier, but they give the couple something to “do”. If you are like most couples, you are not used to being photographed for long periods of time. Thus, a few props can help the couple relax and take better pictures.
 Here is some of my past shoots:
This couple wanted to do something outside- very “Colorado”. We did this one in the foothills.
 Photos by Laura Murray Photography
This fun one was “brunch themed”. He is a chef and she is a¬†nutritionist. The fun retro theme totally fit the personalities.
Photos by Revert Photo
This couple was sooo sweet. She loves sunflowers, but their wedding is very formal and doesn’t fit. Thus, we made sure to use a ton of them at their engagement session. Also, he really wanted to do something near water- so a dock was the perfect setting.
Photos by Revert Photo
This couple wanted something romantic- what could be more perfect that a picnic in a vineyard. They also brought their adorable son to be in some of the pictures.
Photos from Cedar House Photography
¬†Oh and here is my own- A romantic table for two theme and a picnic theme. A shout out to my mom for making the quilt and Greg’s mom for making the matching banner: