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7 Tips for Beautiful Wedding Photos

When all is said and done, your wedding day is just that—one day. It’s the photos (and, of course, your love) that will ultimately stand the test of time, so they should be perfect.  We collaborated with photographer Callie Hobbs to bring you these 7 tips for beautiful wedding photos! We loved being able to shoot this at the stunning Emma and Grace bridal studio in Denver. Have fun going through these, and take a look at the article and full gallery published on Style Me Pretty 🙂


Pick a getting ready location with good light, especially if your photographer uses film. We all know that the sunlight is the best form of flattery in pictures – when done right 😉 And who’s going to get that better than your photographer? So don’t be shy, embrace that light! If your photographer uses film, it’s a huge help to them, as their photos will come out even better. If the room is too dark, the focus could be off and skin tones will tend to look muddy and dark instead of radiant and flawless. Digital cameras also appreciate lots of light as it too will present a softer more flattering photo!



Have a pretty bridal hanger at the ready! As well as bridesmaids and if needed groom and groomsmen hangers. This is a simple detail that so many people don’t even think about. When it comes time for the photographer to shoot the bride’s dress, the bridesmaids’ dresses or even the groom and groomsmen attire they need to hang it on a hanger (no brainer!). But if that hanger is just one of your hundred plastic hangers – or the flimsy metal hangers you get from the dry cleaner’s – then all the attention goes to it instead of the gorgeous clothes! Ok, maybe not all the attention, but it does certainly take away from the beauty and elegance of the picture. Depending on the theme/feeling of your wedding there are quite a few options to choose from. Some of our favorites include these vintage inspired beauties from Anthropologie’s BHLDN line, or the popular calligraphy elegant hangers with your name written out in the metal like this one. But, before you buy a hanger make sure to ask your planner or photographer if they don’t already have one on hand, because chances are they may have already thought about this.



Another detail that’s often neglected is getting shots of what you’ll be wearing on the big day. This not only includes your dress, but your shoes (are there multiple?), your veil, your bouquet, accessories and of course the ring! Photographers and stylists love coming up with the best ways to show off all these details in pictures. And as a word of advice let your dress out of the bag right when you arrive to get ready so it has time to breathe.


Guys, don’t think you’ve been left out the photographer wants to shoot your details too! Cuff links, boutonnieres, vow book, shoes, watch…all the goods! So before you see your photographer that day, put all these items in a convenient little bag so that when you do see her or him you can just hand that off and they can be on their merry way enjoying photographing the finer details of the day.


Now I might need a whole section just on the invites! Let me start with simply leave time for your photographer to take pictures of them (meaning make sure you have an extra on hand)! You paid to have them made up, printed, maybe even done in calligraphy. They are your fist creative outlet, the first glimpse your guests have into the magnificence that is your wedding. It’s only right to get a lasting memory of them. Also, don’t forget about those other stationery items (programs, table numbers, escort cards). An additional way you can spice up your invite stylings is vintage stamps. Who knows, the stamps you used to send out your invites could be beautiful (if that’s the case use them!), but chances are they could also just be the standard Forever stamp or something similar. Vintage stamps add a certain je ne sais quoi to your photos. There’s a dash of elegance, a sprinkle of delicacy, and a hint of timeless romance to complete the everlasting memory of your stationery. Did I mention you can also find just the right stamps to go with your color theme?! You can find vintage stamps at many of your local vintage and antique stores. Now this next invite styling tip goes a little above and beyond, but can really add some flair to your invitations. If you didn’t get them done in calligraphy for your guests, you can get one set done for yourselves. Adding calligraphy to the envelope is a sweet and nice touch to add to the timelessness of the images. These last few elements may seem to come off as silly or unnecessary, but they add so much more thought into the artwork of the photos. And when you look back at them over the years, you’ll truly appreciate the smaller details that will bring your wedding photos to life as you relive your special day!


Wear a cute robe before you put on that oh so special dress. There are a few reasons why you may want to wear a pretty robe or something special while you are getting ready. One of them is the fact that many times you’re getting photos taken while you’re getting ready. It’s fun to look back at those photos and not think “man I wish I would have worn something cuter.” You don’t have to worry about dressing up for those photos, you just get out of bed and pop on a robe and voila! you’re already picture perfect for those photos. Even if you don’t have your photographer taking the pictures of you getting ready you can still don the robe. I know that when I’m dressed a little nicer than just sweats and a shirt I feel prettier. I don’t mean putting on makeup or doing my hair, but just having something other than my frumpy pj’s on helps me perk up and feel incredible like I’m ready to take on the day. It’s your wedding day! You deserve to feel pampered and relaxed while not caring or worrying about what your outfit looks like. With a robe (or even cute PJ’s) it’s cute yet easy.


Have your florist bring her favorite centerpiece to photograph during this time. We love seeing the centerpiece photographed by itself so you can really focus on the flowers. It helps bring the centerpiece to life. When it’s mixed in with everything else, it’s still beautiful, but by itself it’s able to stand out. It’s also hard to appreciate all the flowers that aren’t a bouquet or boutonniere on your wedding day because you’re so caught up in the day (and you should be!). This way you’ll be able to look back on the photo of the centerpiece and truly treasure how beautiful it is!

Photography: Callie Hobbs | Event Plannin & Design: A Vintage Affair Events | Floral Design: Bella Lu Floral | Makeup: Alli B | Wedding Boutique & Venue: Emma & Grace Bridal Studio | Stationary: La Happy | Model: Dakota Summerton | Robe: Plum Pretty Sugar | Vintage Stamps: Verde Studio

Katelyn & Dirk’s Vibrant Blanc Wedding featured on Green Wedding Shoes!

With an industrial feel, a crazy photo booth, and an incredibly creative couple, Katelyn and Dirk’s wedding was truly a night to remember! Katelyn and Dirk chose to say their “I do’s” at Blanc right in the heart of Denver! Flowers and lighting transformed Blanc, a beautiful blank palette into an innovative and romantic space. The vibrant and stunning flowers from Flora by Nora helped to transform the atmosphere completely. During the ceremony the couple stood in front of vintage dresser topped with a statement floral centerpiece, which we later moved to the sweetheart table. The Edison bulb lighting placed over the head table created a romantic ambiance. June Cochran beautifully captured all of the special moments.

Katelyn and Dirk had a creative and colorful antler monogram for their invitations. They wanted to carry it through to their wedding, so Dirk created a real life 3D version. He crafted a beautiful wooden box, which the antlers attached to. Strung in between the antlers were the couple’s laser-cut initials, matching the invitation exactly. The stunning and bright flowers from Flora by Nora filled the box creating a complete replica of the monogram from the invitations. To make it even more of a focal point, Dirk also made a wooden beam that hung above the antlers with strings of twine hanging down. Little clothespins held the escort cards accented with lavender and rosemary. The display was a truly beautiful focal point of the evening.

The detailed table arrangements and plated seats were soon filled with tasty food from Biscuits and Berries. From the energetic bridal party to the crazy dance floor, this wedding became a party really fast. As if that wasn’t enough, the fabulous bride and groom surprised their guests with a dessert truck and a vintage camper photo booth! The Bumble Bee Truck provided delicious sweets throughout the evening while guests danced the night away and took fabulous photos with Picture Me Camping.

From Flora by Nora:

“I loved the vision Katelyn and Dirk had for their wedding florals- incorporating bright vibrant blooms as a nod to Katelyn’s mexican heritage added such a personal and unique touch. For me, finding a way to bridge the more standard spring wedding blooms, such as peonies, roses, and tulips with the more textural, Spanish influencing flowers, different types of protea, succulents, and blooming grevillea was a fun challenge.  And the antler monogram!!  The groom put so much time and love into building the framework for that, it was SO fun to bring their invite monogram to life.”

We loved working with Katelyn and Dirk to make their wedding a true reflection of who they are and creating a fun and unforgettable night! See this magnificent wedding being featured on Green Wedding Shoes now

photography: June Photography // venue: Blanc Denver, Colorado // event design + planning: A Vintage Affair // florals: Flora by Nora // wedding dress: Yolan Cris from Emma and Grace Bridal Studio // hairpieces: Ann Taylor Loft // shoes: Caparros // bridesmaid dresses: Mismatched Dresses picked by the bridesmaids from Adrianna PapellChetta BEliza JForever 21 // flower girl dress: Rustic Road Boutique // hair: Blow Dry Lounge // bridesmaids makeup: Alli B // groom + groomsmen suits: Calvin KleinTessitura di QuaregnaAlfani // ties: Express //  paper goods: Paper Please Studio // catering: Biscuits and Berries // desserts: The Bumble Bee Truck //photo booth: Picture Me Camping // rentals: Event Rents and La Tavola // officiant: Pastor Mark Tidd // reception music + lighting: Elite DJ // ceremony music: Chris Webb