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Breakfast with love

We just love designing.

While we style a lot of weddings and engagements we love finding new occasions to style and we love to dip our toes in every facet of water, like this  Breakfast in Bed shoot featured on Style Me Pretty HERE! It was so much fun! And it gave us the opportunity to try something new. 

Sometimes it is the little things you do that show a person how much you care. Like breakfast..and even better breakfast in bed. You have heard that it is the most important meal of the day, but who knew it could also be the most romantic.

Breakfast in Bed inspiration featured on Style Me Pretty! KsB_eLtHovZYE2aLNOriBShiuUXIXR5r-zWe_qOvGrI


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The beautiful flower arrangements were courtesy of Bare Root Flora. We wanted sweet and pretty arrangements of spring flowers to compliment the beautiful spring day.

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Laura Murray captured it all! She is so talented and knows exactly how to capture the smallest of details to make the photos that much more special.

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Hope this inspires you to make your loved one a special breakfast in bed!

Photography: Laura Murray Photography | Styling & Design: A Vintage Affair Events & Rentals | Florals:Bare Root Flora | Model: Keri Tremblay