Our Ideal Client

2015 was such a beautiful year. We worked with some amazing couples, were a part of some gorgeous weddings, and had our fair share of laughs! Each year we learn more about weddings, ourselves, and who we want to be as a company. Recently we were asked by a fellow vendor who our ideal client is. We had to think about it a minute because over the last five years the answer has evolved and now we definitely know more about our ideal client.

However, we would never want just one single perfect client, because then we would be working with the same bride over and over. Instead we like when qualities we admire and appreciate come together in different ways to make a person we enjoy working with. So here some are those of qualities we love to look out for!

Love of the outdoors

Whether you are a city girl, or the type of girl who only likes the city every here and there, if you have a love in your heart for the great outdoors we want to know! We both love being outside all seasons of the year whether hiking in the summer, weekend at the beach, or skiing! A perfect Sunday date for us would be a picnic and a hike.

Believes in Happy Endings

Yes, we did just get a little sappy, but can you blame us?! It’s our job, and why we do what we do. We love love. We love to see love develop and grow in our own lives and those around us. Disney may have given unrealistic expectations in the way we meet a significant other (we’re not delusional and know that singing in the woods or under the sea won’t bring Prince Charming to us). But we do believe in “they lived happily ever after.”

Loves details! 

Whether it’s a pretty ring box, delicate stationary, a gorgeous tablescape,  or a fun bar sign they love the little details that make up the wedding day.

We even put together this little Pinterest board to showcase of what we love to see in our clients.

If any (or all) of these points sound like you, we’d work well together, so let’s set up a consultation!