Michelle Lemley Photography

So recently I was lucky enough to meet Michelle from Michelle Lemley Photography. She is a creative, talented, and fun photographer. She does weddings and portraits. She used some of my inventory in a recent photo shoot. Here is some more about this awesome photographer:
How did you get started?

Photography is part of who I am. At a young age my dad indulged my fascination with his old Kodak 110 and I think it sparked my sixth sense. From then on, I grew up learning to explore the world through my lens.  My interests have transitioned over time: early on in Montana, I was captivated by nature and the outdoors.  Later, in Portland and New York, I became more interested in photographing people. Today, I’m very focused on portraiture, and I find a deep satisfaction in working with live subjects. When I’m with a client, I draw on my long relationship with my camera to create natural, thoughtful, and revealing compositions. That approach has led me to be a very successful photographer.  

What is your favorite part about what you do? 

I love creating a photograph that reveals something about someone they never knew before. It’s inspiring to show them the images during a session and see their faces light up. I love it! 
  I’m blessed to do what I love. A couple years ago, I came across an inspiring quote, “Doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do is happiness”.   

Can’t wait to work with her again!