Meet Re’ahna! Our new intern!

Tell us about yourself!

 Hello! My name is Re’ahna Ray and I grew up in the small town of Pagosa Springs, CO. I am currently a junior at the University of Denver studying Hospitality Management. Although I grew up on a ranch competing in rodeo and hunting with my dad, living in the city has been a treat! I love having the opportunity to walk across the street to get food, to ride my bike to a coffee shop, or to hop on the light rail to watch a Rockies game. In other words, the opportunities out my front door are endless!


Tell us 3 things that are on your bucket list.  

It is a little random, but it’s a bucket list right?

  1. Visit the East Coast and attend the Maine Lobster Festival.

I love to travel and although I have had the privilege to travel to many places like: Mexico, Africa, and the UK, I have never been to the East cost of the United States. I would love to visit, but specifically during the lobster fest because I love food, I love seafood, and I would love to see the culture at such a unique annual event in my own country!

  1. Attend an Olympic games.

I love sports. I will not be attending the games as an athlete (I only dream I would), but having a chance to support our country would be a dream come true! I would love to travel to the games to see someplace new, but if the opportunity ever arose to be a spectator, I would go anywhere!!

  1. Have a family.

I am not looking to have a family just yet, but this is my bucket list, and in my life I would love to be a wife, a mom, a Nana, and hopefully a great- great- great Nana would be wonderful too. My family is so important to be and I don’t know what I would do without them. I cannot wait to raise a family with the same morals and beliefs and opportunities I was provided with growing up.

What’s your favorite city (or place) you’ve ever visited and why? 

This past fall I had the privilege of studying abroad in Wales and I must say my new favorite place I have ever visited would be the small town of Beaumaris. This small town is on the island of Anglesey where Prince William and Kate lived for a while after they got married. It is a great town with wonderful stores, delicious restaurants, a castle to visit, and a wonderful pier where you can sit and watch the water or maybe crab fish with your family. The best part of Beaumaris is the ocean view with the mountains of Wales as the backdrop— it is truly breathtaking. A wonderful quaint cozy feel, I would go back right now if I could.

Why weddings?

I have always been fascinated by the grand event of a wedding. Months of planning and preparation for the one day the bride has been dreaming of for her whole life. There are so many details from the arrival of the friends and families to the moment the bride and groom say “I do”. I am an events focused in the HRTM program at DU and am thrilled to intern with A Vintage Affair this summer. I have worked the back end of events with catering and volunteering, but I am excited to be up front learning the many steps it takes to give the bride and groom the wedding of their dreams.