Let’s Talk Cake!

I am so excited to introduce you to our guest blogger Megan Kaminski,  owner of Megan Joy Cakes. Megan creates exclusively custom and exquisitely tailored cakes and delivers her cakes all throughout Colorado. Megan was willing to share her knowledge and love of wedding cakes and what clients should know when thinking about their wedding cakes.

What is one thing you wish clients knew about the cake process?

This kind of goes as advice- trust your cake maker! We do this all the time and know which shapes and designs will work best for you and your venue. We’re not going to show up with an ugly cake if it’s in our control.

What is the time frame like for making and creating these cakes?

Many, many hours! All of my cakes are baked fresh right before your wedding. Sometimes I source local ingredients for different fillings or flavors and have to prepare those as well. The cakes are then leveled, filled, and assembled. Then they get their coating of buttercream and fondant, followed by the exterior design process. I usually reserve the entire day before the wedding to work on the exterior design. Sometimes this can be 14 hours or more. The morning of delivery day is spent touching up the design and going over all the details so they’re perfect.

What is your favorite part about creating a cake for a client?

I like that I can add a beautiful, delicious, and memorable cake to such a personal day for my clients. Cakes are a symbol of celebration, and I’m honored to be a part of that.

Could you talk more about cake tastings? How does that process work?

Cake tastings are a fun step in the wedding planning process. I let my clients choose up to four flavors to sample, and we sit down together and discuss flavor pairings, the cake design, and any other cake-related wedding details. Each wedding cake truly is custom.

Could you talk about the process from the tasting to the event date? How does the cake all come together?

Following the cake tasting, I’ll send over several different cake shapes that work for the number of desired servings and the client’s style. Once a shape is chosen, I’ll create some design sketches. This is followed by a proposal, and then a contract. There is lots of room for revisions and discussion throughout this whole process.

What makes you passionate about making wedding cakes?

I love to create, and I also love to eat, so combining the two is fun for me! I enjoy that each cake is different and I’m not doing the same work all the time. I also really love my clients and get excited to play a role in making their big day even more special.

I see that you use a lot of local ingredients in your cakes, what is your favorite cake pairing?

One of my favorite cake pairings is soft butter cake studded with peaches and swirled with pecan frangipane. It’s layered with Colorado peach preserves that I make using Palisade peaches, and a silky vanilla bean whiskey buttercream that has delicious caramel notes. I use Stranahan’s Colorado whiskey for this and it’s just such a summery, local flavor.

Your cakes are beautiful, could you talk more about your specific cake style and design?

Thank you! I like creating styles that are organic and textured. These kinds of cake designs are fun for me because they truly make each cake unique- no one (not even me!) will ever be able to recreate the exact same look.

Who is your ideal client?

My ideal client loves food and appreciates art. He or she is also someone who wants more than just a regular cake for their wedding.

How do you keep up and stay ahead of the current and future wedding trends for cakes?

I usually don’t pay too much attention to trends- or at least incorporating each and every one into my designs. I’ve found a style that works for me and I will keep doing that as long as my clients enjoy it too!