If you haven’t already heard of Lucky Luxe, then today is your Lucky day!

I want to introduce you to some of the most beautiful invitations you will EVER see:

It DOES NOT get better than this. In fact, I ordered my own wedding invitations from Lucky Luxe and could not have been happier with the results. Thus, I decided to interview Erin, the owner of Lucky Luxe so I could share them with all of you. 

1. How did Lucky Luxe start?
 Lucky Luxe began when I designed my own letterpress wedding invitations in 2008. I graduated from Ole Miss with a degree in print design, so I had a background in it somewhat, but wedding stationery was new territory to me. I then designed a wedding suite for my dear friend, Annalee, who is now my client coordinator. She let me go crazy with design and concept, and for the first time I created handkerchiefs screenprinted with a save-the-date design. The next thing I knew, they were popping up on blogs all over and I eventually left my day job in advertising. It’s been a wild ride that’s just pulling me along as it goes, and every day has been a blessing to me since I left the cubicle.

2. Can you tell me a little more about the design process?
If a bride places a Bespoke order, we have to see as many visual pieces of inspiration as possible. Pinterest has been a lifesaver for us! Brides compile photos of the couple, inspiring things, places, colors, fonts, whatever—and we take it from there with from-scratch designs influenced by their ideas. Because it’s pretty labor intensive for us, we can only take on a limited number of Bespoke orders per year, and lots of couples choose the Collection pieces that require only color and text changes. I personally like to hear the couples’ stories—how they met, how he proposed, where they’ll be after the wedding. It makes a personal connection for me that makes designing so much easier. When a bride tells me she loves top 40 radio, but the groom hikes mountains and follows Phish on tour, that tells me a TON about them that photos never could. 

3. What is your favorite part about what you do?
My husband is a minister who is constantly reminding me that everyone in this world has a ministry whether they fully realize it or not. For me, my ministry is helping my brides in this one small area of their wedding planning as much as I can, and being a friend when they’ve got questions or are trying to make a big decision. I know that 90% of the ladies I’m working with are stressed, they’re overworked, and they’re planning the biggest event of their lives. I try to help ease their minds however I can and bring things back into perspective when the stress is overwhelming them—to remind them, it’s only a wedding. The marriage, the love, is all that really matters.

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