Food Truck Fun

Food trucks are becoming more popular out here, and I absolutely love the idea. My favorite food truck is owned and operated by Epicurean Catering. They make the most delicious food! My first experience with this food truck was at Janelle and Jeremy’s wedding back in April, and I just couldn’t get enough of the deep fried doughnuts, actually I couldn’t get enough of all the food, it was all so good! So you can imagine my excitement when I went with a couple to their food tasting and it just happened to be Epicurean’s food truck. It was such a fun experience. We all got to into the food truck and watch Pete make us the food right then and there!



We tried a sampling of a few different items and it was even better than I remembered. We had a few different sliders which were all tasty, but the items of the day that I just couldn’t stop eating? The mac & cheese and sweet potato fries. I know this was only a tasting, but I kept finding the food on my fork somehow. I am normally not an advocate of sweet potato fries, but these are awesome! They add a sweet glaze and then sea salt to make them sweet and salty. The mac & cheese is a combination of a secret sauce, gorgonzola, and bacon. These two items are mouthwatering good!



Not only is the food amazing, but the people are too! Epicurean’s staff members are always so nice and helpful, and they know what needs to be done and how to do it. They are one of the best! Pete, the food truck chef is so friendly and just wants to do whatever he can to make you happy. We really had a great time at the tasting with him!


foodtruck4 foodtruck3 foodtruck2 foodtruck1

If ever you’re looking for a less traditional and fun way to serve food at your wedding, a food truck is a great time. And, Epicurean really knows how to do it well!