Etsy Find- Handmade Fabulous Bow Ties!

Bow ties at weddings is one of my favorite things…ever. They are fun and unexpected. They made a wonderful statement. So, I am very excited to share about this wonderful Etsy seller I found: Knot Now Bow Ties. They are just lovely. This great seller makes men and women bow ties, which is great!
Here is some of my favorites in their shop:

(love the shape of this last one!)

Here is more about them:

How did you get started?

Working as a barber, I found long-straight ties often got in the way – especially during straight razor shaves, yikes ; )

After looking for bow ties in shops and on-line, and not really being able to find much (in my price range at least), I started making my own. I had requests for custom orders the first day I wore mine, and have been going ever since.

What inspires you?

What inspires me most is fabric. Because a bow tie is such a simple piece, it’s the fabric that really makes it great; and since a bow tie is also relatively small, compared to say a jacket or trousers, it allows you to really appreciate all the subtleties that make up the fabric. And so I’m terribly grateful to be in New York where there are some of thee best fabric shops!

What is your favorite part about what you do?

I really enjoy the construction process of making each tie, but my favorite part is probably being able to send orders out to so many other countries. It’s truly a delightful feeling knowing there are people in different parts of the world whose outfits are complimented with a Knot Now bow tie : )

Click HERE to see the shop.