A Day in the Flower Shop by Re’ahna

I was lucky  to shadow Ali at European Flower shop, for two days as we prepared flowers for a beautiful wedding. From creating a flower curtain to organizing glass vases I learned so much!

Before truly getting dirt and petals on her hands Ali worked 10 years in the corporate world right out of college. She is now the proud successful business owner of European Flower Shop in Denver, Colorado. Ali is a very independent driven business owner and if you haven’t seen her work you are missing out!

Before Ali heads to the shop she usually starts her day with a latte, luckily there is a coffee shop located right next door to her studio, because come noon when she is ready for another she can simply hop next door. Her inspiration comes from Sarah Winward from Utah (Honey of a Thousand Flowers). You will find great resemblances in the two florists who focus on the natural garden look in their flower arrangements. In her free time or on her days off Ali loves to enjoy all of Colorado whether it is hiking or camping she enjoys the outdoors and she loves taking her two dogs to accompany her. She will also be launching her rebrand soon, so be sure to check back!

Although I only had two days, in the time I spent with Ali I learned so much. The passion she has is apparent in her work and through her teaching. Ali is sure not to accept every wedding so that she has more time to make the one she is working on is perfect. It was such a delight to see the pieces at at wedding come to life in the hands of Ali. It was a great time working hands on with Ali and with more flowers than I could ever know the names of (Ali know them all), but hopefully we will have another day in the flower shop soon.

Thank you Ali!